9th Sense, Mountain View, CA, USA

A company, focused on bringing remote presence and tele-operation to the mass market, 9th Sense was founded in August 2011, out of Singularity University at NASA Ames, a program focused on creating break-through technology that makes the world a better place. Currently they have two products in alpha phase, “Telo” and “Helo”, for different market needs.

Together, we explore the possibilities of integrating remote presence and tele-operation in the future of living via our "workflow" workgroup



 NIMBY - DIY Space in E. Oakland, CA, USA

Nimby is a place to create the impossible, the new, the ridiculous, the exiting and most importantly, the never seen before. It is the largest do-it-yourself industrial art space in the Bay Area with over 40 different art groups and craftsmen in the shop.

Nimby not only offers space to create, but supports its artists with resources, assistance in sourcing re-purposed material, as well as logistical and technical guidance.  This supportive culture shared by all members of the NIMBY community is at the root of the amazing art that emerges from its doors. NIMBY is the hub for creativity that boggles the mind and fosters community values that encourage collaboration and innovation.

Nimby experiments with shipping containers, re-purposing them for various other uses. We plan to collaborate on a project to convert recycled shipping containers to multi-function work/live environments, that are modular, extendable and affordable.