Core Workgroups

 The community is organized into a number of workgroups, each working on a particular aspect of the initiative. Workgroups schedule regular online or in-person meetings to brainstorm the goals, collaborate and review results.

Please specify what workgroup you'd like to join in the online survey that you take after the registration.

Strategy and vision/philosophy
  High-level principles, philosophical foundation, etc

  Frame, foundation, etc

Software/Home OS
 Operating system and services architecture/design for various services (multimedia, security, defense, life support, etc)

 Smart panels, sensors, gadgets, displays, etc


Live/work community
 Organizing and managing the live/work space and community in SF Bay Area, California, USA

 Working, exercising, playing, cooking, etc

Business models
 Funding, industry cooperation, joint projects, etc

Legal, regulations
 Zoning, experimental buildings, etc

Public relations
 Partnerships, promotions, deals, new members, conferences