Dwelling Services

Below are some of the core services/APIs that a "future living" environment/space could provide to its users:

  1. Climate control (temperature, humidity, ventilation, air filtration, environmental fragrancing, etc)

  2. Multimedia (lighting, display, sound, etc)

  3. Nutrition (food preparation, delivery/production, disposal)

  4. Personal hygiene (showering, etc)

  5. Exercise (running, swimming, etc)

  6. Sleeping/relaxing (sleeping pod, etc)

  7. Working environment (user-specific)

  8. Surveillance (internal/external video-recording, etc)

  9. Security & defense (internal/external)

  10. Cleaning/Laundry (automated cleaning, washing, etc)

  11. Utilities (Electricity, Internet, etc)

  12. Storage (facilities to efficiently store and retrieve various items)

  13. Health/performance maximization (personal health tracking, preventive health services, first aid)

  14. Garbage/recycling (disposal/reuse of unnecessary items)