FutureLiving Modular System v2

Thanks to the great ideas of Steve from Pro Metals of Sacramento, CA, we've started work on the version 2 of the FutureLiving Modular system (FLM v2). 

The new approach deals primarily with adapters used to connect the square tubing. It greatly simplifies the structure and solves many shortcomings of the original system. Now the flexibility, cost/performance, simplicity and structural integrity has been improved significantly. 


 1. Angle Bracket

It is used to connect two square pipes (connectors) at a 90 degree angle, using short bolts. 

Adding more brackets to other sides (in X or Y planes) of the pipe, allows it to be connected to a third, fourth or fifth pipe, forming any type of 90 degree junction in all 3 dimensions of space. 












 2. Plate

The plate is used in bridging two pipes (connectors) laying in the same plane, when there is no need to attach a third pipe under 90 degree angle (this allows for flat floor/ceiling that spans over 8 ft, etc)






Sample construction process

1. Corner